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    Siddharth is an Entrepreneur with a vision to constantly progress as an innovator. He wishes to transform digital education by providing paperless e-learning and examination solutions to Schools and Universities globally. Siddharth is a Mechanical Engineer with a Diploma specialization in Product Design & Analysis. Later, he went on to pursue his MBA in Innovation & Entrepreneurship from Symbiosis Institute of Business Management, Pune.
    He specializes in the latest digital technologies, where he innovates, researches & develops new products and services around these digital technologies. He wishes to build new products that would enhance the ease of usability of end-users.
Siddharth co-founded this educational technology company 'Knoin' along with his friends at SIBM in 2017; where their team is developing a revolutionary writing product that would change the way how Schools and Universities conduct paper-based examinations and e-learning. At Knoin, he ensures that software solutions and hardware products meet business goals by managing services through the stages of product innovation, development, alpha, beta, production, and sales. Siddharth played a key role in achieving Knoin's first patent grant for its innovative electronic device in handwriting technology.
   Further to this, he works as the Teaching Assistant to Dr. Bala Ramadurai for an innovative problem-solving subject 'Design Thinking' at NPTEL (National Programme on Technology Enhanced Learning). Siddharth has been assisting Dr. Bala from the commencement of this course, developing a case study, to successfully managing over 6000 students on the online platform.
   Siddharth has hands-on-experience in smart device's hardware, Product innovation, UX development, Web, Android, and IOS Design Structure, Digital Learning, Innovation, Design Thinking, Brand Communication, and Business Development.

Siddharth Maturi

Co-Founder | C.E.O.

Product Innovation

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Suprativ Das

Co-Founder | C.T.O.

Software Development

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Nithin Kurian

Co-Founder | C.O.O.


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     Suprativ is a science enthusiast who envisages the use of technology to provide solutions to reduce hassle in the life of customers. Suprativ completed his under graduation from NIT Silchar in Computer Science and Engineering. 
Following his graduation, Suprativ worked in a few industries including IT and coaching centers.
     In 2015 Suprativ joined SIBM, Pune in Innovation and Entrepreneurship for the MBA program. It was during his years at SIBM that he began to learn about industry administration at length. With guidance and support, Suprativ gave shape and identity to his vision and co-founded Knoin Electronics Private Ltd. in 2017. His vision is to be part of an innovative company creating a game-changing technology for digital learning and paperless examinations. 
Suprativ's & co-founders' effort help them achieve a patent grant on a unique electronic device which is perhaps the first of its kind in the world created exclusively for writing and digital learning. 
    Suprativ's key knowledge areas include Hardware, Software, Java, Technology Management, Proof of Concept Development, Graphical User Interface Design, Technological analysis, Data collection, Application/database design, Business development, Business analysis, Relationship building and rapport, Business administration, cloud-based environments, System design and implementation, Programming, digital learning, Innovation and communication.

      Nithin is an entrepreneur with a vision to transform the educational sector in India by envisaging the use of technology in this sector in the most effective manner. He began the journey towards his dream of being an entrepreneur by completing his graduation as an Electronics and Instrumentation engineer at Mahatma Gandhi University, Kerala in 2012. Nithin went on to work as an SAP Material Management/Warehouse Management consultant at Accenture Technologies for three years.
      It was in 2015 that Nithin was able to take his first step towards becoming an entrepreneur with an opportunity to study an MBA in Innovation and Entrepreneurship at the prestigious Symbiosis Institute of Business Management, Pune. It was during his years at SIBM that he began to learn about how great companies are built and how innovation is at the epicenter of creating and sustaining such organizations from some of the most eminent minds in the country. It was with their guidance and support that Nithin co-founded Knoin Electronics Private Ltd. in 2017. Knoin is a very innovative company, creating a game-changing technology for digital learning and paperless examinations, and has a successful patent grant on a unique electronic device which is perhaps the first of its kind in the world created exclusively for writing and digital learning.
     Further to this Nithin has also worked as a teaching associate to Dr. Bala Ramadurai and assisted him in creating the course content on Design Thinking for National Programme on Technology Enabled Learning (NPTEL). Nithin has also worked with Mr. Gautam Morey who is also an Entrepreneur and hardware engineer focused on the healthcare industry. He was associated with Mr. Morey as a Business Development Executive for a product called “Impact Index" which is essentially an ERP solution created exclusively for Non-Governmental Organisations (NGO).
    Nithin's key knowledge areas include ERP, digital learning, Innovation, communication, and business development.

Dr. Bala is an independent innovation consultant and professor. He has 3 patents to his credit and more than 10 publications in international research journals.
Dr. Bala co-founded TRIZ Innovation India and is an adjunct Professor at Symbiosis Institute of Business Management, Pune, India. He is currently mentors this EdTech enterprise called Knoin Electronics and he is also a professor at National Programme on Technology Enhanced Learning (https://NPTEL.ac.in)


Dr. Bala is a trainer and professor of the following courses:
- Design Thinking (http://balaramadurai.net/tags/karmic)
- Creativity and Problem Solving
- Technology Forecasting (http://handbook.format-project.eu)
- Creativity and Innovation

Dr. Bala was a Technology Forecasting researcher and designer in the FORMAT project at Politecnico di Milano, Milan, Italy.
Dr. Bala was a systematic innovation facilitator at MindTree Ltd, India. He designed and crafted 5*50, a key innovation intrapreneurship program, at MindTree.

Before MindTree, he was a Research Scientist at General Electric Global Research, India.

Dr. Bala has mentored students in an entrepreneurship course facilitated by Carnegie Mellon University, USA. He has been cited as an expert in innovation and creativity by Harvard Business Review. He has taught creative problem solving courses at IIT Madras, IIT Gandhinagar and IISc, Bangalore.
Dr. Bala has a Ph.D. from Arizona State University, USA and a B.Tech from IIT Madras, India.

Dr. Bala Ramadurai

PhD (ASU), B.Tech (IIT-M)

Chief Mentor

Co-Founder at TRIZ India

& Innovation Consultant 

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