Paperless Smart Digital Note System

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  • Eco-Friendly Digital Notebook

  • Created to revolutionize writing & drawing.

  • Wireless Bluetooth transmission

  • Flexible display. (Flexible displays differ from traditional glass screen displays)

  • Innovative technology with real pen-paper experience.

  • Just press of a button to Save & erase.

  • Anti-erase locking

  • Quick Search

  • Cloud Storage


  • Social media platform sharing

  • Easily portable.

  • The next generation personal Diary

  • Eliminate re-buying of hard-copy notebooks

  • No paper but unlimited pages

  • Low bright screen to reduce eye strain

  • Store your notes in your regional language

  • Sketch & Doodle like on paper

  • Special editing tools

Digi Note writing tablet, using innovative writing technology, makes writing on the screen naturally as writing on the paper, supporting storing, editing and sharing to social platforms.




  • Available size: 10 inch (recommended) &  13 inch.

  • Physical Dimensions:  10 inch - 256 * 172 * 14 mm

  • Pen Dimension: 150 * 13.5 mm​

  • Input: 5V / 1A

  • Stylus induction height: 5 ~ 14 mm

  • Pressure Sensitive Stylus

  • Technology: Electromagnetic Induction

  • Connection: Bluetooth & USB

  • Battery:1000 mAh

  • 3 Days - Continuous usage  |  7 to 10 Days - Standby mode​


Paperless Smart Digital Note System


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