Paperfree eLearning Ecosystem

GrafCo or Graphite ecosystem is a secure ecosystem consisting of custom software and purpose-built hardware. GrafCo is a specially developed secure software system and services in the cloud, making it an end-to-end solution for students, faculty and administrators to enable digital learning.


      Graphite is a one stop learning solution to all school going students. It is a digital learning device that enables students to write all their notes, access textbooks and other eLearning content including audio, video and other applications in class; thereby ensuring students do not have to carry several hardcopy note books and text books to school. The idea of the device is to introduce students to digital learning technology in the most useful way and to retain their love for writing.

Students can organize and share all their learning content through cloud based content and learning management system. The idea will provide an alternative to paper and paper based applications, notebooks, textbooks and other learning tools carried by students to class and provide a convenient content and learning management system for schools.


Number of textbooks & notebooks for each individual subject

Lack of engaging learning content

Researching information recorded on loose paper sheets or notebooks

Lack in ease of sharing paper notes

Tonnes of paper wastage

In the so called digital era, education institutions still hanging to the course of paper based education is causing the students to miss out on a lot of compelling eLearning content. Lack of an exclusive ecosystem for students to access their choice digital learning is still very prominent. Following are few current repercussions students face even today.


1. The need to carry individual textbooks and notebooks for individual subjects is creating a huge affair of concern to many. Reports suggest that on an average, today's school going students carries approximately 8 kilos bag weight where as medical experts say it should not cross 3 kilos. These heavy school bags has caused a lot of students to suffer from immense back pain and neck pain.

2. Having only paperback textbooks and notebooks has created a gap between the student's zeal to learn and the engaging learning content. Lack of captivating study materials or the having access to the same set of books eventually kills the interest to study for long.

3. Retrieval of information is huge hassle for students; say for instance a students wants to retrieve information about a chapter which was taught at the beginning of an academic year, this diminishes their scope to effective learning as he/she should be able to have access to that old notebook whatsoever the hassle may be.

4. Sharing paper based notes within peers is huge problem for both parties due to many personal agendas. Photocopying, sharing images over social media platforms are all the recent forms of sharing but none of the platform are dedicated to help students share the information within themselves for effective learning.

5. Use of paper has never gone off the track especially in the education sector, a near ₹ 345 billion market is been attracted in India alone out of which approximately 88% of the users are students. This proves that either education institutes are reluctant to move on from  paper based education system or there is no viable replacement to paper based learning.

One Stop Solution for Entire eLearning Process

The Graphite Ecosystem has been created as a dedicated solution to help educational institutes transform entire teaching and learning process from start to end. 

Graphite Ecosystem.png


1. Eco Friendly and Green Impact

2. Engaging and constantly updated eLearning content

3. Ecosystem that contains educational and learning content only

4. Drastically reduces the number of books to be carried from many to just one device.

5. Search engine optimization for easy access and retrieval of years old information.

6. Share your information with a simple press of a button


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