Paperless eLearning System

Graphite is a one stop learning solution to all school going students. It is a digital learning device that enables students to write all their notes,access textbooks and other eLearning content including audio, video in class; ensuring students do not have to carry several hardcopy note books and text-books to school.

GRAPHITE is an alternative to paper and paper based applications, notebooks, textbooks and other learning tools carried by students to class and provide a convenient content and learning management system for schools.

Students can organize and share all their learning information through cloud based content and learning management system.


  • First of its kind Digital Writing & Learning Device

  • Cutting edge writing technology that provides writing experience closest to writing on paper with pen

  • Cloud based content management system that enable end to end eLearning.

  • All in One Textbooks, Notebooks and Multimedia learning device​

  • Ultra Sleek and portable device for School Kids 

  • Eco-Friendly


Optical Character Recognition

Handwriting to Text Font Digitization

Dual Screen Display

Triangular Stylus For Better Grip


Paperless eLearning System


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