Paperfree Examination Ecosystem

MagCo or Magnitude ecosystem is a secure ecosystem consisting of custom software and purpose-built hardware. MagCo is a specially developed secure software system and services in the cloud, making it an end-to-end solution for students, faculty and administrators to conduct hassle free examination with using a single sheet of paper.

Magnitude is our state-of-art hardware device that allows students to write descriptive examinations just like they would do on paper with pen. After several years of intensive research and testing, Magnitude is a purpose-built device that allows long examinations to be written using integrated tools such as calculators, finely calibrated geometric instruments, different kinds of ‘papers’ – plain, ruled and graph. It also allows you to use multimedia and other rich content in your exam questions.

The cutting edge writing technology incorporated in Magnitude makes it the first of its kind device in the world where the students experience similitude writing experience as that of on paper with pen. 

With Magnitude and MagCo together, the entire process of conducting an exam, beginning from authoring questions, delivering the exams, evaluating the responses and declaring results can be accomplished digitally, thereby eliminating the necessity of paper in the entire process.

The provision of having Multimedia based question (for instance, diagrammatic question, labeling diagrams, voice based question, video based questions, etc.), Multi Choice Questions (MCQ's), descriptive questions, etc. can be very easily incorporated into such a system, while providing a highly secure and scalable solution that provides a host of unique benefits.


Knoin Magnitude provides you with the capability to make your examination process totally paperless.


Number of challenges faced by most of the examination authorities and institutions can be eliminated by having a system like Magnitude:

1. Security before, during and after the examination can be enhanced in many ways by making the entire examination process digitally transparent to all the users.

2. The usual cycle time for a paper based examination is about 4-5 months starting from authoring the question paper to seeking enrollments for evaluation or re-evaluation. The entire cycle time can be brought down to 15-20 days with Magnitude.

3. Malpractices staring from question paper leaks, candidate impersonation, cheating can all be eliminated.

4. The entire process of evaluation becomes immensely hassle free when compared to that of paper based evaluation. Many sorts of errors such as security & transparency, marking and tabulation can all be eradicated.

5. ECO FRIENDLY EXAMS: Statistics say that an approximate of 3 Billion answer sheets per year are being utilized in India alone. Magnitude makes the entire system paperless.

6. Transportation of number of question papers and answer sheets from one place to another and storing them at secure location requires huge amounts of physical space along with continuous monitoring. With Magnitude and MagCo, the entire logistics process would happen with a simple push of a button.

7. Incorporating a system like Magnitude would help the administrators and Authorized institutes to have platform for huge data where analytics could be performed to improve teacher and student's performances.


The Magnitude Ecosystem has been created as a dedicated solution to help you transform the entire examinations process from start to end. 


1. Eco Friendly and Green Impact

2. It's Secure

3. It's Scalable

4. It's easy to Use

5. Easily Portable

6. Saves Time

7. Increased efficiency in the entire process


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