Paperless Examination System

Magnitude exam device has been created exclusively for examinations using cutting edge writing technology that provides a writing experience closest to writing on paper with pen which is most crucial for writing exams.

Magnitude is a paperless digital examination system where institutes can conduct their examinations without using a single piece of paper.

Magnitude helps institutes conduct their semester exams in a transparent, hassle free, efficient and cost

effective manner.

The system consists of a unique electronic Tablet device in which students can write descriptive answers just

like they would do on paper with pen.


  • Can reduce usage of over 2 Billion answer sheets in India alone

  • Reduces exam time-span from more than 4 months to just 20 days

  • Easy to Access Multi Media Question: MCQ's etc,

  • No More Question Paper Leakage

  • Restricts Candidate Impersonation and Cheating

  • Transparent Evaluation & Re-evaluation  Process


Paperless Examination System


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